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Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

Included in this category:
Resistors, capacitors, filters and networks, fuses, arrestors, absorbers, and protectors, circuit breakers, switches, connectors, electrical, lugs, terminals, and terminal strips, relays and solenoids, coils and transformers, oscillators and piezoelectric crystals, electron tubes and associated hardware, semiconductor devices and associated hardware, microcircuits, electronic, electronic modules, headsets, handsets, microphones and speakers, electrical insulators and insulating materials, electrical hardware and supplies, electrical contact brushes and electrodes, optoelectronic devices and associated hardware, antennas, waveguides, and related equipment, synchros and resolvers, cable, cord, and wire assemblies: communication equipment, amplifiers, electrical and electronic assemblies, boards, cards, and associated hardware, miscellaneous electrical and electronic components

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