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Product Sections

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Aerospace Craft Components and Accessories

Aircraft propellers and components, helicopter rotor blades, drive mechanisms and components, aircraft landing gear components, aircraft wheel and brake systems, aircraft control cable products, aircraft hydraulic, vacuum, and de-icing system components, aircraft air conditioning, heating, and pressurizing equipment, parachutes; aerial pick up, delivery, recovery systems; and cargo tie down equipment, miscellaneous aircraft accessories and components

Aerospace Structural Components

Aircraft, fixed wing, aircraft, rotary wing, gliders, unmanned aircraft, space vehicles, airframe structural components

Alarm, Signal and Security Detection Systems

Traffic and transit signal systems, shipboard alarm and signal systems, railroad signal and warning devices, aircraft alarm and signal systems, miscellaneous alarm, signal, and security detection systems


Bearings, antifriction, unmounted, bearings, plain, unmounted, bearings, mounted

Books, Maps, and Other Publications

Books and pamphlets, newspapers and periodicals, maps, atlases, charts, and globes, aeronautical maps, charts and geodetic products, hydrographic maps, charts and geodetic products, topographic maps, charts and geodetic products, digital maps, charts and geodetic products, drawings and specifications, sheet and book music, microfilm, processed, miscellaneous printed matter

Brushes, Paints, Sealers, and Adhesives

Paints, dopes, varnishes, and related products, paint and artists' brushes, preservative and sealing compounds, adhesives

Chemicals and Chemical Products

Chemicals, dyes, gases: compressed and liquefied, pest control agents and disinfectants, miscellaneous chemical specialties

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Floor polishers and vacuum cleaning equipment, brooms, brushes, mops, and sponges, cleaning and polishing compounds and preparations

Clothing, Individual Equipment, Insignia, and Jewelry

Outerwear, men's, outerwear, women's, clothing, special purpose, underwear and nightwear, men's, underwear and nightwear, women's, footwear, men's, footwear, women's, hosiery, handwear, and clothing accessories, men's, hosiery, handwear, and clothing accessories, women's, children's and infants' apparel and accessories, badges and insignia, jewelry, luggage, individual equipment, armor, personal, specialized flight clothing and accessories

Communication, Detection, and Coherent Radiation Equipment

Telephone and telegraph equipment, communications security equipment and components, other cryptologic equipment and components, teletype and facsimile equipment, radio and television communication equipment, except airborne, radio and television communication equipment, airborne, radio navigation equipment, except airborne, radio navigation equipment, airborne, intercommunication and public address systems, except airborne, intercommunication and public address systems, airborne, sound recording and reproducing equipment, video recording and reproducing equipment, radar equipment, except airborne, radar equipment, airborne, underwater sound equipment, visible and invisible light communication equipment, night vision equipment, emitted and reflected radiation, stimulated coherent radiation devices, components, and accessories, electronic countermeasures, counter-countermeasures and quick reaction capability equipment, miscellaneous communication equipment

Construction and Building Materials

Mineral construction materials, bulk, tile, brick, and block, pipe and conduit, nonmetallic, wallboard, building paper, and thermal insulation materials, roofing and siding materials, fencing, fences, gates and components, building components, prefabricated, nonwood construction lumber and related materials, miscellaneous construction materials

Construction, Mining, Excavating, and Highway Maintenance Equipment

Earth moving and excavating equipment, cranes and crane-shovels, crane and crane-shovel attachments, mining, rock drilling, earth boring, and related equipment, road clearing, cleaning, and marking equipment, truck and tractor attachments, petroleum production and distribution equipment, miscellaneous construction equipment

Containers, Packaging, and Packing Supplies

Bags and sacks, drums and cans, boxes, cartons, and crates, commercial and industrial gas cylinders, bottles and jars, reels and spools, packaging and packing bulk materials, ammunition and nuclear ordnance boxes, packages and special containers, specialized shipping and storage containers, freight containers

Electric Wire, and Power and Distribution Equipment

Motors, electrical, electrical control equipment, generators and generator sets, electrical, fuel cell power units, components, and accessories, solar electric power systems, transformers: distribution and power station, converters, electrical, rotating, converters, electrical, nonrotating, batteries, nonrechargeable, batteries, rechargeable, wire and cable, electrical, miscellaneous electric power and distribution equipment, miscellaneous battery retaining fixtures, liners and ancillary items

Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

Resistors, capacitors, filters and networks, fuses, arrestors, absorbers, and protectors, circuit breakers, switches, connectors, electrical, lugs, terminals, and terminal strips, relays and solenoids, coils and transformers, oscillators and piezoelectric crystals, electron tubes and associated hardware, semiconductor devices and associated hardware, microcircuits, electronic, electronic modules, headsets, handsets, microphones and speakers, electrical insulators and insulating materials, electrical hardware and supplies, electrical contact brushes and electrodes, optoelectronic devices and associated hardware, antennas, waveguides, and related equipment, synchros and resolvers, cable, cord, and wire assemblies: communication equipment, amplifiers, electrical and electronic assemblies, boards, cards, and associated hardware, miscellaneous electrical and electronic components

Engine Accessories

Engine fuel system components, nonaircraft, engine fuel system components, aircraft and missile prime movers, engine electrical system components, nonaircraft, engine electrical system components, aircraft prime moving, engine cooling system components, nonaircraft, engine system cooling components, aircraft prime moving, engine air and oil filters, strainers, and cleaners, nonaircraft, engine air and oil filters, cleaners, aircraft prime moving, turbosupercharger and components, miscellaneous engine accessories, nonaircraft, miscellaneous engine accessories, aircraft

Engines, Turbines, and Components

Gasoline reciprocating engines, except aircraft; and components, gasoline reciprocating engines, aircraft prime mover; and components, diesel engines and components, steam engines, reciprocating; and components, steam turbines and components, water turbines and water wheels; and components, gas turbines and jet engines; non-aircraft prime mover, aircraft non-prime mover, and components, gas turbines and jet engines, aircraft, prime moving; and components, rocket engines and components, gasoline rotary engines and components, miscellaneous engines and components

Fiber Optics Materials, Components, Assemblies, and Accessories

Fiber optic conductors, fiber optic cables, fiber optic cable assemblies and harnesses, fiber optic switches, fiber optic devices, fiber optic light sources and photo detectors, fiber optic light transfer and image transfer devices, fiber optic interconnectors, fiber optic accessories and supplies, fiber optic kits and sets, miscellaneous fiber optic components

Fuels, Lubricants, Oils, and Waxes

Fuels, solid, liquid propellants and fuels, petroleum base, liquid propellant fuels and oxidizers, chemical base, fuel oils, oils and greases: cutting, lubricating, and hydraulic, miscellaneous waxes, oils, and fats

Furnace, Steam Plant, and Drying Equipment; and Nuclear Reactors

Industrial boilers, heat exchangers and steam condensers, industrial furnaces, kilns, lehrs, and ovens, driers, dehydrators, and anhydrators, air purification equipment, nuclear reactors

Ground Effect Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Cycles

Ground effect vehicles, passenger motor vehicles, trucks and truck tractors, wheeled, trailers, motorcycles, motor scooters, and bicycles, combat, assault, and tactical vehicles, tracked, combat, assault, and tactical vehicles, wheeled

Hand Tools

Hand tools, edged, nonpowered, hand tools, nonedged, nonpowered, hand tools, power driven, drill bits, counterbores, and countersinks: hand and machine, taps, dies, and collets; hand and machine, tool and hardware boxes, sets, kits, and outfits of hand tools

Hardware and Abrasives

Screws, bolts, studs, nuts and washers, nails, machine keys, and pins, rivets, fastening devices, packing and gasket materials, o-ring, metal screening, hardware, commercial, hardware, weapon system, disks and stones, abrasive, abrasive materials, knobs and pointers, coil, flat, leaf, and wire springs, bushings, rings, shims, and spacers

Information Technology Equipment and Software

Adpe system configuration, adp central processing unit (cpu, computer), analog, adp central processing unit (cpu, computer), digital, adp central processing unit (cpu, computer), hybrid, adp input/output and storage devices, adp software, adp support equipment, punched card equipment, mini and micro computer control devices, adp supplies, adp components

Instruments and Laboratory Equipment

Navigational instruments, flight instruments, automatic pilot mechanisms and airborne gyro components, engine instruments, electrical and electronic properties measuring and testing instruments, chemical analysis instruments, physical properties testing and inspection, environmental chambers and related equipment, laboratory equipment and supplies, time measuring instruments, optical instruments, test equipment, components and accessories, geophysical instruments, meteorological instruments and apparatus, hazard-detecting instruments and apparatus, scales and balances, drafting, surveying, and mapping instruments, liquid and gas flow, liquid level, and mechanical motion measuring instruments, pressure, temperature, and humidity measuring and controlling instruments, combination and miscellaneous instruments

Lighting Fixtures and Lamps

Indoor and outdoor electric lighting fixtures, electric vehicular lights and fixtures, electric portable and hand lighting equipment, electric lamps, ballasts, lampholders, and starters, nonelectrical lighting fixtures

Lumber, Millwork, Plywood, and Veneer

Lumber and related basic wood materials, millwork, plywood and veneer

Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment

Motor vehicle maintenance and repair shop specialized equipment, aircraft maintenance and repair shop specialized equipment, torpedo maintenance, repair, and checkout specialized equipment, depth charges and underwater mines maintenance, repair, and checkout specialized equipment, ammunition maintenance, repair, and checkout specialized equipment, rocket maintenance, repair and checkout specialized equipment, lubrication and fuel dispensing equipment, fire control maintenance and repair shop specialized equipment, weapons maintenance and repair shop specialized equipment, guided missile maintenance, repair, and checkout specialized equipment, miscellaneous maintenance and repair shop specialized equipment, space vehicle maintenance, repair, and checkout specialized equipment, multiple guided weapons, specialized maintenance and repair shop equipment

Materials Handling Equipment

Conveyors, materials feeders, material handling equipment, nonself-propelled, warehouse trucks and tractors, self-propelled, blocks, tackle, rigging, and slings, winches, hoists, cranes, and derricks, freight elevators, miscellaneous materials handling equipment

Measuring Tools

Measuring tools, craftsmen's, inspection gages and precision layout tools, sets, kits, and outfits of measuring tools

Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment

Torque converters and speed changers, gears, pulleys, sprockets, and transmission chain, belting, drive belts, fan belts, and accessories, miscellaneous power transmission equipment

Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies

Drugs and biologicals, medicated cosmetics and toiletries, drugs and biologicals, veterinary use, surgical dressing materials, medical and surgical instruments, equipment, and supplies, dental instruments, equipment, and supplies, imaging equipment and supplies: medical, dental, veterinary, hospital furniture, equipment, utensils, and supplies, hospital and surgical clothing and related special purpose items, ophthalmic instruments, equipment, and supplies, replenishable field medical sets, kits, and outfits, in vitro diagnostic substances, reagents, test kits and sets

Metal Bars, Sheets, and Shapes

Wire, nonelectrical, bars and rods, plate, sheet, strip, foil, and leaf, structural shapes, wire, nonelectrical, nonferrous base metal, bars and rods, nonferrous base metal, plate, sheet, strip, and foil; nonferrous base metal, structural shapes, nonferrous base metal, plate, sheet, strip, foil, and wire: precious metal

Metalworking Machinery

Saws and filing machines, machining centers and way-type machines, electrical and ultrasonic erosion machines, boring machines, broaching machines, drilling and tapping machines, gear cutting and finishing machines, grinding machines, lathes, milling machines, planers and shapers, miscellaneous machine tools, rolling mills and drawing machines, metal heat treating and non-thermal treating equipment, metal finishing equipment, electric arc welding equipment, electric resistance welding equipment, gas welding, heat cutting, and metalizing equipment, welding positioners and manipulators, miscellaneous welding equipment, miscellaneous welding, soldering, and brazing supplies and accessories, bending and forming machines, hydraulic and pneumatic presses, power driven, mechanical presses, power driven, manual presses, punching and shearing machines, forging machinery and hammers, wire and metal ribbon forming machines, riveting machines, miscellaneous secondary metal forming and cutting machines, machine tools, por


Signs, advertising displays, and identification plates, collectors' and/or historical items, smokers' articles and matches, ecclesiastical equipment, furnishings, and supplies, memorials; cemeterial and mortuary equipment and supplies, miscellaneous items

Nonmetallic Crude Materials

Crude grades of plant materials, fibers: vegetable, animal, and synthetic, miscellaneous crude animal products, inedible, miscellaneous crude agricultural and forestry products, nonmetallic scrap, except textile

Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials

Paper and paperboard, rubber fabricated materials, plastics fabricated materials, glass fabricated materials, refractories and fire surfacing materials, miscellaneous fabricated nonmetallic materials

Office Supplies and Devices

Office supplies, office devices and accessories, stationery and record forms, standard forms

Ores, Minerals, and Their Primary Products

Ores, minerals, natural and synthetic, additive metal materials, iron and steel primary and semifinished products, nonferrous base metal refinery and intermediate forms, precious metals primary forms, iron and steel scrap, nonferrous scrap

Pipe, Tubing, Hose, and Fittings

Pipe, tube and rigid tubing, hose and flexible tubing, hose, pipe, tube, lubrication, and railing fittings

Plumbing, Heating, and Waste Disposal Equipment

Plumbing fixtures and accessories, space and water heating equipment, fuel burning equipment units, waste disposal equipment

Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding

Prefabricated and portable buildings, rigid wall shelters, collective modular support system, bridges, fixed and floating, storage tanks, scaffolding equipment and concrete forms, prefabricated tower structures, miscellaneous prefabricated structures

Pumps and Compressors

Compressors and vacuum pumps, power and hand pumps, centrifugals, separators, and pressure and vacuum filters

Railway Equipment

Locomotives, rail cars, right-of-way construction and maintenance equipment, railroad, locomotive and rail car accessories and components, track material, railroad

Recreational and Athletic Equipment

Athletic and sporting equipment, games, toys, and wheeled goods, recreational and gymnastic equipment

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Air Circulating Equipment

Refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning components, fans, air circulators, and blower equipment, vortex tubes and other related cooling tubes

Rope, Cable, Chain, and Fittings

Chain and wire rope, fiber rope, cordage, and twine, fittings for rope, cable, and chain

Service and Trade Equipment

Laundry and dry cleaning equipment, shoe repairing equipment, industrial sewing machines and mobile textile repair shops, wrapping and packaging machinery, vending and coin operated machines, miscellaneous service and trade equipment

Ship and Marine Equipment

Ship and boat propulsion components, rigging and rigging gear, deck machinery, marine hardware and hull items, buoys, commercial fishing equipment, miscellaneous ship and marine equipment

Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, and Floating Docks

Combat ships and landing vessels, transport vessels, passenger and troop, cargo and tanker vessels, fishing vessels, special service vessels, barges and lighters, cargo, barges and lighters, special purpose, small craft, pontoons and floating docks, floating drydocks, dredges, miscellaneous vessels

Special Industry Machinery

Food products machinery and equipment, printing, duplicating, and bookbinding equipment, industrial marking machines, pulp and paper industries machinery, rubber and plastics working machinery, textile industries machinery, clay and concrete products industries machinery, crystal and glass industries machinery, tobacco manufacturing machinery, leather tanning and leather working industries machinery, chemical and pharmaceutical products manufacturing machinery, gas generating and dispensing systems, fixed or mobile, industrial size reduction machinery, specialized semiconductor, microcircuit, and printed circuit board manufacturing machinery, foundry machinery, related equipment and supplies, specialized metal container manufacturing machinery and related equipment, specialized ammunition and ordnance machinery and related equipment, industrial assembly machines, clean work stations, controlled environment, and related equipment, miscellaneous special industry machinery


Meat, poultry, and fish, dairy foods and eggs, fruits and vegetables, bakery and cereal products, sugar, confectionery, and nuts, jams, jellies, and preserves, soups and bouillons, special dietary foods and food specialty preparations, food, oils and fats, condiments and related products, coffee, tea, and cocoa, beverages, nonalcoholic, beverages, alcoholic, composite food packages, tobacco products

Textiles, Leather, Furs, Apparel and Shoe Findings, Tents and Flags

Textile fabrics, yarn and thread, notions and apparel findings, padding and stuffing materials, fur materials, leather, shoe findings and soling materials, tents and tarpaulins, flags and pennants

Tires and Tubes

Tires and tubes, pneumatic, except aircraft, tires and tubes, pneumatic, aircraft, tires, solid and cushion, tire rebuilding and tire and tube repair materials


Perfumes, toilet preparations, and powders, toilet soap, shaving preparations, and dentifrices, personal toiletry articles, toiletry paper products


Tractor, full tracked, low speed, tractors, wheeled, tractors, full tracked, high speed

Training Aids and Devices

Training aids, armament training devices, operation training devices, communication training devices


Valves, powered, valves, nonpowered

Vehicular Equipment Components

Vehicular cab, body, and frame structural components, vehicular power transmission components, vehicular brake, steering, axle, wheel, and track components, vehicular furniture and accessories, weapons systems specific vehicular accessories, miscellaneous vehicular components

Water Purification and Sewage Treatment Equipment

Water purification equipment, water distillation equipment, marine and industrial, sewage treatment equipment

Woodworking Machinery and Equipment

Sawmill and planing mill machinery, woodworking machines, tools and attachments for woodworking machinery